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  • Harald Göhde is a fitter and an aircraft engineer. After his exit from his civil profession, he worked in his own studio in Duisburg- Rheinhausen as a metal using artist.

    The emphasis of his production has been candlesticks, clocks, cd racks and accessories for office, bath and kitchen.

    Sometimes he has produced this things in a small range, but mostly as single parts.

    From his contrary views of the usually rules of the society and out of this resulting behaviour, he gets the ideas for the styling of his objects and you see the unconventional and peculiar creations as a reflection of his approach to life. This you see especially in his muddled knot creations from sectional steel, which in spite of its seeming chaos improve by its continuity and point out the influence by his study of science:
    Steel as a 3 dimensional curve of a higher degree.

    Therefore Steel was his principal working material, but sometimes also he used copper and all other kinds of metal. This he obtained from market and also from scrape yard.

    Since February 1989 he has presented his works on fairies for arts and crafts , e. g. at the Kunstmarkt Freiburg / Breisgau, the Gauklerfest in Berlin or the Museumsuferfest in Frankfurt / Main, Christmas Fairy / Bonn, the Kunsthandwerkerfestival and Marinamarkt / Duisburg and also in shopping centers like Der Clou in Berlin, Hamburger Straße, in Hamburg or the Nord-West-Center in Frankfurt / Main.
    design furniture, accessories, sculptures, collages, light objects all from metal and jewellery from stainless steel.
    He manufactured by his own ideas

    After an illness he had to stop metal working and market presentation and so since 2009 he only works as a fotograph:
    Harry's Fotoalbum

    and since 2020 he is a pensioner...